After the spring showers many homes in our area show signs of siding damage in particular rotten siding where water has penetrated and warped the siding.  But siding is often only 1/2 of the problem.  Rotten wood on the window sills, at the edge of the roof and on the corners of Raleigh Durham homes is also very common.

Replacing these damaged siding and wood trim boards is a tedious job which must be done carefully for the simple reason that in removing the already damaged areas you can cause even more damage.

Just like repairing a damaged car, or a damaged area of your floor, the biggest priority is making sure the repair does not look like a repair.   In many cases when contractors replace an area of trim or siding it is painfully obvious that a repair has been made and the newly installed siding and trim does not match or line up with the existing surfaces.

Other things to consider are the types of boards you use to make siding and trim repairs.   Often the very best choice is to use PVC and Miratec to insure that your newly replaced areas are not showing signs of rotting again in the next few years.

Products like these, and others like Hardiboard are designed to last a lifetime.  So be sure to pay close attention to the products that will be used to make the repairs and opt for the best quality for the best results.



Chuck Shomo Renovation And Repair Corporation provides water damage restoration and emergency drying service. chuck shomo renovation and repair Raleigh NC.

Water damage from leaks and water tanks is a common problem in homes in North Carolina.
Working with a professional team to restore your home is the most important part of recovering from the mess.  Utilizing the skills of your contractor and prompt communication to your home insurance company is all you should need to focus on when dealing with water damage.




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These days remodeling your attic space to a bonus room can be one of your best investments.

Your immediate environment improves when you convert unused space to a bonus room – home theater room – office – or playroom!

Your new space also adds value to your home and can be paid for with a number of financing options.
Included here are a few pictures of an attic remodeling job. The new room includes hardwood floors, skylights and custom storage solutions.

This bonus room is used for artist space and an area to relax with great natural light.

Bonus Room Pictures

The average cost of adding a bonus room or cost of attic remodeling is around $20,000 to $40,000 depending on the features chosen such as plumbing, appliances, and cabinetry.

Updates to the Chuck Shomo Renovation and Repair Corp. website are live!

There is now even more information on the services offered, ranging from bathroom remodeling to siding repairs.

The top navigation now features pages dedicated to “water damage” “real estate services” and “commercial” property needs.

A link to this blog was added to the banner, so we hope that this will serve to inform our clients of the frequently updated information that you can find here on the contractors blog.

Website screenshot

Website screenshot

Just a reminder that we can also be found on twitter where we update jobs in progress like welding, lighting, bathroom remodels and more happening around the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill Triangle.

Hello Chuck,

First of all, your two employees have done an excellent job for me. I told them the same in person before they left. Now I say thank you to you.

********** ordered the wrong size panels. The center one is ok. They will come back most likely next week. At first I thought that you folks have to come too. They later explained to me that the glass will be put from inside (the house). You folks have done everything they need to do. Please ignore my message to your phone.

– K

Below is a recommendation from a North Raleigh Realtor.

Hello Chuck!

As you know, for several years, you are the only person we have chosen to refer to our valued clients for servicing their various needs regarding any home issues relating to maintenance/repairs. The liability for a bad referral can be huge, so we are VERY careful who we refer. From the first time we met with you to perform work on my personal house (you came to us as a referral from someone else), we were very impressed, both with your professional demeanor and the quality of your work. As such, we feel very confident in referring you to all of our clients. When I give your name to my clients, the first thing I tell them is that with each referral, the clients are so impressed with you that they continue to use your services long after the initial work, and, to refer you to their friends. The quality of your work is very professional, you are quick to follow up with the referral, and you stand behind what you do. A recent, specific issue comes to mind……a seller and his agent were refusing to fix disputed items on a home inspection. Due to your professional style, knowledge and presentation of the problems, the seller immediately sensed you knew what you were doing and not only agreed to fix the issues, but to employ you to do so. I think the fact that the people we refer to you continue to use and refer you for other services says it all……..I’m just afraid to continue to give out your name due to all the calls you are getting for repeat business……….we’re going to be standing in line!!!!!!

Raleigh Realtor Ruby Henderson

Just an update that Chuck Shomo Renovation and Repair is now on Twitter.

You can check in on the types of projects that are going on with the company by visiting

Twitter Page

Twitter Page

While your reading check out this post on siding repair.

Siding repair in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, NC just got a little cheaper. Raleigh contractor Chuck Shomo Renovation and Repair Corporation just published a new coupon for siding repair.

The offer is for a free upgrade to siding materials that wont rot. MiraTEC and HardiPlank are exterior materials that are used in many new construction projects, but not common in older homes.

If your older home siding is rotting upgrading to no rot materials is the best fix. Often Chimneys and Southern Exposed Walls see the worst of the rotten wood, so upgrading in these areas is very beneficial.

Below is a picture of the coupon for Raleigh Siding Repair.

Siding repair coupon

Siding repair coupon

Foundation Leaks are a common problem that can result in damage to crawlspace insulation, mold, water damage, stains on drywall, and eventual corrosion of structural supports. Often a leaking foundation is caused by improper drainage at the leaking area. If your Home Inspection turns up a leaking foundation you should first examine the guttering, downspouts, and slope of the ground surrounding the area. Sealing a foundation and installing a vapor barrier is not complicated but is is labor intensive work. The project begins with trenching the areas you will be sealing. In Raleigh and surrounding cities there is usually 2-4 feet of soil between the brick line and the foundation footing. You will need to remove the soil roughly 1 1/2 feet away from the foundations edge to properly seal and drain the area. After the sealing is done, 6mil plastic is installed, and drainage pipe has been laid, the holes are filled, and additional top soil is brought in to increase the pitch of the yard away from the sealed foundation.

Sealing a leaking foundation

Sealing a leaking foundation

Trenching and sealing a leaking foundation. The drain was also lowered and vapor barrier was installed.

Below is a picture of the mobile welding crew in action at a North Raleigh Apartment Community. The crew arrives with welding and cutting equipment that is suitable for most area repair projects. A generator is also brought to supply power to the equipment.

Welding hand rails and posts

Welding hand rails and posts

A North Raleigh community was in need of a quick welding repair to the handrails in one of the breezeways.

Kitchen cabinet refacing and painting

Kitchen cabinet refacing and painting

The homeowner called today to say that the home had sold!!! She gave credit to the updated kitchen appliances, new counter tops and cabinets that were restored with new doors and painting. Additional work on this property included lifting the foundation and repairing the resulting door alignments and cracked drywall. New subflooring was installed at the back door. The crawlspace was insulated, dryer vent replaced, and hinges were removed and replaces at the crawl space door.

Home inspection punchlist repairs are an important part of buying and selling a home. Often times a home inspector turns up a list of repairs that range from leaking faucets, to rotten siding and trim, mechanical problems, faulty electrical systems and much, much more…

Bringing in a general contractor that can address all of the issues from plumbing to siding to electrical work reduces the hassle of contacting separate service providers for each need.

Cary home inspection punchlist

Cary home inspection punchlist

The home pictured here is in Cary, NC a suburb of Raleigh. The inspection report was a total of 34 pages long and included more that a dozen detailed recommendations for repairs to the property. One notable problem was the slope of the front porch that had fallen toward the foundation and was creating a situation where water was draining directly towards the home.

A few other items were:

  • Rotten sink base cabinets which are a common problem where there is a small sustained leak from sink drains or supply lines.

    Improperly wired electrical outlets.

    Rotten siding and trim on the home exterior.

    Clogged gutters and downspouts.

    Nail pops (nails that have popped out of the drywall in the ceiling or walls)

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